Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, but only if the product label is still attached and the item isn't contaminated or dirtied in any way. Also Bkanz does not cover the shipping cost back to the company's location. 

We try to keep the cheapest rates in Canada, and even the U.S. however buying several toys means that the ratio of cost of goods to cost of shipping is very high. this means that the more items you buy, the less percentage of cost goes to pay for shipping. so take advantage of this fact and buy more items.


Most of the plush toys we sell are machine washable. so just throw these buggers in the wash and your good. click here for the detailed answer 

the Question already has the right spelling for stuffed animals.

 lice cannot live off of the head for more than a few hours. click here for a detailed answer

Store the stuffed animal in a cool dry place, preferably in a packed box or in a poly bag. use moth balls so that the toy doesn't get destroyed. also watch for rats.

Throw it in the dryer. If you don't own a dryer let them dry out in the sun for a few hours. you can even use a blow dryer for this here for a detailed answer 


The word plushie comes from the material used in making stuffed toys. Plush is used to create said toys and therefore the word "plushie" means "a soft toy".