How to dry a stuffed animal?

For a few days, placing the stuffed animals near a dehumidifier will help to eliminate the water content much more quickly than just drying them outside. This way of drying decreases the possibility of mildew growth within the stuffed animals even further. When it comes to a rapid dry approach, using a blow dryer on the no-heat setting is ideal.

If you take the necessary measures, you can dry machine washable stuffed animals in the dryer. Maintain control of the stuffed animals by placing them in a bag and putting them in the dryer on a moderate, brief cycle at a low temperature. If at all feasible, the air-dry option should be used. Make care to check on the drying stuffed animals regularly. Please DO NOT leave the stuffed animals in the dryer for a lengthy time and then remove them from the dryer. It may be required to run your plush animals through several short cycles to get them suitably dry. The amount of time it takes to dry depends on how many stuffed animals you have and what settings you use.

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