How long do lice live on stuffed animals:

It is the same answer as it is for any inanimate item when it comes to how long head lice can survive off of a person's head: lice cannot survive off of a person's head for more than a few hours at a time, and the bugs do not prefer to leave the head and transfer to an inanimate object. When they leave the head, they typically intend to move to another head where there is more human blood to be found (their food). Nits, on the other hand, are not infectious. The nits are bonded to the hair, and if they come off for any reason (which is quite unlikely), they will not reconnect to the hair. Lice are incredibly stressful, and the prospect of having to bag up every single one of your child's stuffed animals only helps to increase your anxiety and weariness even more than it already is!

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