Which Squishmallow Are You?

what squishmallow are you

Squishmallows are cuddly marshmallow-style plushies that come in various colors and shapes ranging from animals, foods and mythical creatures. Each Squishmallow comes complete with its own name and personality; making it more than just toys! CVS offers an assortment of Squishmallows so that you can find one to bring joy and fun into your life - find out which Squishmallow best fits you by taking our quick quiz!

Over 1,000 Squishmallow characters await collection! Each with its own distinctive story and name. Representing interests, hobbies, emotions that we can all identify with- including some food-themed Squishmallows such as Phyllis the Peach and Maui the Pineapple!

No matter which Squishmallow you select, it is essential that they are made with top-grade materials and filling. They should also be constructed to last so you can bring them on adventures or use them as pillow buddies!

Squishmallows are beloved items among children and adults of all ages, from kids to adults alike. Squishmallows have become an instant classic like Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Dolls; many collectors now actively pursue rare or hard-to-find characters to add to their collections. With sizes that range from small clip-ons up to larger 20-inch plushies there is something perfect for everyone in our selection of Squishy Friends today!

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