The Mosaic Maker at LEGO Stores

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Some LEGO brand stores feature the Mosaic Maker photo booth where visitors can take their picture and have it converted into a mosaic using LEGO pieces. It provides an exciting experience both children and adults can enjoy.

This LEGO Personalized Mosaic Portrait set contains 4,502 pieces (900 of each black, dark gray, light gray, white and yellow 1x1 plates as well as a 48x48 stud baseplate). In addition to printed instructions to build your mosaic masterpiece!

Custom Minifigures

Turn any photo into a LEGO portrait in just three steps! Simply upload an image, and you'll be provided with parts list and instructions to build it. This makes an unforgettable way to commemorate special events or memories; from knights eating pizza and knights carrying boomboxes, to firemen carrying boomboxes; you are certain to find an ideal figure for your LEGO portrait!

The Mosaic Maker experience can be found at select LEGO stores. Essentially it acts like a photo booth where you can have your photo taken before having it converted to a LEGO mosaic - making this activity fun for the whole family!

If you don't live near a LEGO store with a Mosaic Maker, don't fret: LEGO recently unveiled an online version that anyone can use - simply visit their website, agree to their terms and conditions, upload an image file and create!

Once your image has been uploaded, the site will present a preview of your mosaic and allow you to set certain parameters. For instance, you can choose the size and aspect ratio of your model; set your baseplate (which determines how your mosaic will be constructed); either two layers of plate combinations or just regular baseplates; as well as select your custom palette, which limits which colors appear within it.

Custom Chess Set

Chess isn't just a game of strategy; it's also an arena for art, culture and history. These custom chess sets draw inspiration from our surrounding environment to allow players to connect with their heritage in fresh ways. Be it nature-themed pieces or those created using cultural artifacts - these custom sets celebrate human imagination's beautiful possibilities!

The Personalized Mosaic Portrait set first made its debut at LEGO stores with their Mosaic Maker experience in 2016. By uploading a photo of yourself into this experience, a brick-built version of your image would appear on a 48x48 stud baseplate. Now, anyone with access to one can use this experience from home too if there's one nearby!

Mosaic Maker makes getting started easy: all it takes to get going is uploading photos and following the instructions to build them using standard LEGO pieces. Though time consuming and patience required, seeing an image slowly come together is both satisfying and enjoyable; plus it makes a fun activity to share with family or friends as it acts similar to jigsaw puzzle. Another special aspect is multiple plate sizes unlike traditional mosaics which only utilize 1x1 tiles.

Custom Figures

A LEGO store offering the Mosaic Maker can capture a picture of you and turn it into a mosaic made out of LEGO bricks for free in under 10 minutes. Once your picture is taken, printed instructions and bricks needed for building will be provided; approximately 15" x 15", comprised of 4,500 LEGO elements in five colors (the Mosaic Maker only works at select LEGO stores), this experience should take less than an hour and 15 minutes before being delivered back to you for viewing! This experience should only be done at specific LEGO stores so be sure to book in advance!

The #40179 LEGO Personalized Mosaic Portrait set comprises 4,502 pieces, including 900 of each black, dark gray, light gray, white and yellow 1x1 plates as well as a 48x48 stud baseplate and brick separators. You can find this experience at certain brand-name LEGO stores that provide the LEGO Mosaic Maker photo booth or upload your image online and build one from home using online instructions provided here.

Use the Mosaic Maker to create mosaics of any other image, so long as it does not violate any copyrights or trademarks. Just be sure to read over its terms and conditions thoroughly, and only publish or distribute images that you possess the legal rights for publishing or distribution.

Minifig Bin

The Mosaic Maker is an engaging photo booth at LEGO stores that allows users to transform any photo they take into a mosaic made up of LEGOs. The experience is free and suitable for any picture type; all it requires is that it does not include trademarked or copyrighted material.

The Mosaic Maker booth can be found at the front of most LEGO stores and takes less than ten minutes to complete. Once your picture has been taken, printed instructions and necessary bricks for building your mosaic will be included with your kit. Booking an appointment online is available.

Mosaic Maker makes it possible to create mosaics of your pet or friends; just ensure you obtain their permission first! Also, pictures that contain trademarked or copyrighted material cannot be used.

Mosaic Maker art stands out from traditional mosaics by using various plate sizes in order to provide an expansive and intricate building experience. Furthermore, pieces are much simpler to place together - almost like Tetris! - making for a much more enjoyable building process and great way to spend quality time together as family or friends.

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