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lego botanical collection canada

Discover a place for contemplation and relaxation through intricate models designed specifically for adults, featuring flowers, plants and trees with adjustable petals and stems.

Bring nature into your home with the LEGO Botanical Collection: Succulents (10289) model building set! Customize 9 succulents inspired by real varieties to your own design and display them either together or individually throughout your living spaces.

Flower Bouquet (10280)

Flowers make the ideal present for Valentine's Day or any special event, and this set enables you to build your own flower bouquet using adjustable stems and petals - as well as making an impressive present for yourself or someone special!

This set is an excellent way to demonstrate that Lego has more to offer than cars, buildings and minifigures. Flowers make for fun builds with bright colors and shapes; traditional bricks such as Pteranodon wings and car hoods can be used creatively as parts for blooms to open. Also included is an ability for rose blooms to open.

Instructions are user-friendly and provide insight into the design choices made for this set. In addition, an introduction at the start of the manual introduces each designer who worked on this project; this provides an additional personal touch while simultaneously recognizing their work while showing appreciation.

This set contains eight other flowers to build in addition to two roses: cornflowers, cow parsley, gerbera daisies, larkspurs, lavender leatherleaf ferns and Welsh poppies. One such Welsh poppy can even serve both as an eye-catcher centerpiece and fill in gaps in plant displays!

Replicating organic shapes accurately with Lego can be challenging, but its designers have accomplished it admirably with this set. While not 100% perfect, they managed to come very close while using limited parts. Furthermore, there are new pieces like 1x2 plates with rounded ends which make perfect petals.

One downside of this set is its short stems; to add length you may require additional axle connectors (not included). Otherwise, this set makes an excellent present for anyone who appreciates flowers or simply desires some natural elements in their home environment.

Bonsai Tree (10281)

Bonsai trees have long been seen as symbols of harmony and equilibrium, making this bonsai Tree Model Building Kit an enjoyable challenge to construct. Containing 878 pieces to assemble, this bonsai kit includes interchangeable leaves and blossoms for you to change up its appearance throughout the seasons.

This botanical collection model comes equipped with a rectangular pot and slatted LEGO wood-effect stand, making it easy to showcase your elegant creation. Additionally, this set contains leaf elements made of plant-based plastic made from sustainably harvested sugarcane.

This set features leaf bricks in both green and pink to easily adjust your bonsai to reflect seasonal changes. Furthermore, there are pink and white flower element bricks for you to mix-and-match to form unique combinations of colors and shapes for your bonsai display.

This set is the second to join LEGO Botanical Collection's best-selling Botanical Series and will no doubt prove popular with flower lovers and nature enthusiasts. Perfect for adults of all ages and ideal as a present for friends and family that appreciate LEGO's take on plant-life, this set also comes complete with its own storage bin to help keep all pieces secure when not building a creation. Added now online or in stores worldwide - get ready for fun!

Orchid (10311)

LEGO sets don't only consist of cars and spaceships; as this series demonstrates, there is so much more. Recreating plants such as orchids can be tricky for designers; Mike Psiaki has provided us with an outstanding solution in 10311.

As with other Botanical Collection sets, the Orchid comes complete with its own build instructions bag. Assembly involves first assembling the exterior of a pot or fluted vase before adding leaves and potting mix from another bag. Stems and flowers themselves feature dark and light green Technic parts which look fantastic; stems may require adjustment due to weight, although that won't be an issue as you are encouraged to turn and twist their positions according to how you want them positioned in this model.

The centerpiece of the set, however, is undoubtedly its orchid itself; using various elements to craft its delicate form. At its base lies an impressive mix of elements including curved slopes, flat Technic bars and the kind of studs found on vehicle canopy pieces; its petals themselves feature various shapes and colors including an emerging flower bud inspired by Stranger Things demogorgon head; plus extra nice touches like Constraction sets white shields as emerging buds as well as pink forks & knob gears and magenta frogs all add depth & complexity that contribute to creating its overall impactful shape!

The Orchid is an extraordinary set, a masterclass in AFOL design and an outstanding example of how versatile LEGO Plant System can be. At $50 it provides the ideal price point to draw newcomers while still pleasing seasoned collectors searching for something outside the typical LEGO catalog.

Succulents (10281)

Succulents is an exciting addition to the Botanical Collection and makes an enjoyable build experience with its earthen pot tones and imaginative parts usage (which LEGO fans refer to as nice part use). Overall it provides a fun and relaxing set to put together!

This set features 9 intricate succulent models inspired by real-life varieties - perfect for anyone who has an interest in greenery but struggles to keep plants alive at home! Each plant provides a different experience, some requiring complex builds while others call for attention to detail to really make them shine! Plus they're designed so they can be built collaboratively by groups of up to three people making this an enjoyable group activity!

Starting off our collection is the Orange Monroe succulent which features an eye-catching splash of vibrant orange throughout its clump. Crafting this plant is a true delight as studs create realistic leaves and stems - truly enjoyable to construct! Moving along, Aloe also uses various shades of leaves as it has different hues representing its leaves while the intricate Hens and Chicks succulent uses shapes representing its prickly leaves - truly breathtaking.

The Lavender Echeveria is an eye-catching creation made out of ice cream swirl elements for its center, adding a special touch. Meanwhile, its companion piece the Ball Cactus takes it further by using two yellow BB-8 heads as spines while using beautiful sand blue and sand green SNOT pieces to complete its build.

Burro's Tail succulent is another incredible build and one of my personal favorites from this set. Using rubberized Jurassic Park dinosaur eggs as flower buds and colorful plastic tubing for its branches. There is one small SNOT piece inside its base which does look flimsy; nevertheless this set contains many amazing plant builds!

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