Lego Minecraft in Canada - Build Endless Adventures With This Versatile Construction Set

lego minecraft in canada

Create endless Minecraft(tm) adventures with this durable construction set! Featuring a blacksmith's anvil, furnace, grindstone, lava-filled cauldron and weapons chest - kids can reposition the set over and over to enjoy endless Minecraft(tm) fun.

Bring Minecraft(tm) into real life with this stunning set, featuring a red barn with farm animals and an opening hinged barn door for endless play possibilities!


Kids can recreate favorite Minecraft scenes and adventures with this versatile playset! Construct three distinct Minecraft locations - a flat-roof desert house, trading post and field of crops - then rearrange them for endless role-play scenarios! Completed by iconic figures and mobs such as Steve, Alex, a zombie Creeper cat sheep; plus detaching the house roof allows use of its flat-roof space indoors! Moreover, its battery-free operation fosters dexterity, creativity and problem-solving skills!

No matter if it's building your Nether Bastion, farm with red barn and Minecraft LEGO animals or Zombie Dungeon; this easy-to-reconfigure set is the ideal gift for young fans of popular video game. Minifigure includes Minecraft Steve for exploring Nether quartz ore mine. Recommended for ages 7+ with 3 sections, buildings and lots of mobs and accessories included!

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter Lego Collection allows children to step inside the world of their favorite movie heroes with inspiring environments, fun accessories and their very own Minecraft(r) figures. Kids can create an intriguing desert house, create trading post or recreate scenes from movies using new-for-January-20 characters such as Ravager who has an awesome biting tongue - plus rearrange the environment to create their own imaginative scenarios!

Relive iconic movie moments with this buildable Hogwarts Express(tm). This model features train tracks, a railway bridge and steps leading up to Platform 9 3/4(tm), moving brick wall entrances and newspaper stands; plus the classic blue Flying Ford Anglia car! Also included are 20 minifigures including Harry Potter(tm), Ron Weasley(tm), Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley Draco Malfoy(tm)and more!

Harry Potter Lego playsets are essential for fans of the series. Compatible with other LEGO(r) Harry Potter(tm) sets, these set contain iconic characters and familiar settings from across the series. Plus, using the included LEGO Builder app kids can take an innovative approach to building by zooming in and rotating models 3D while saving their creations and keeping an eye on progress!

Diagon Alley(tm) offers endless magic-making possibilities for players of any age! Discover its charming streets and stock up on essential wizarding supplies such as cauldrons and broomsticks in this immersive, interactive buildable toy bursting with movie details from Diagon Alley(tm), including 4 new character minifigures like Gilderoy Lockhart(tm), Florean Fortescue(tm), Lucius Malfoy(tm) and the Daily Prophet photographer that you won't find elsewhere! Plus this magically modular playset includes The Chamber of Secrets which includes Invisibility Cloak Pensieve And Sorting Hat all in one enchanted set!

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