How to Wash Squishmallow

wash squishmallow

If your Squishmallow becomes dirty, it's essential that it be properly cleaned. Spot cleaning with damp cloth works effectively for this task; for harder-to-remove stains you may require stain remover pens or laundry detergent for deeper cleans.

Many parents have reported success washing their squishies in the washer. Just make sure you place them in a pillow case or mesh bag first, using cold water on a gentle cycle and cool temperatures for optimal results.

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Squishmallow plushies are beloved toys loved by both kids and adults. Made of soft fabric with durable construction, these Squishmallow plushies can withstand intense squeezing without damage from being washed in a machine; additionally they're an affordable gift option! Unfortunately though, manufacturer warnings indicate you should avoid washing these adorable plush toys in a washer as the agitator could cause irreparable harm; should you wish to do so, however, use cold water and use gentle cycle while adding towels as protections when necessary when washing Squishmallow toys to ensure maximum protection of these adorable plushies from damage while washing.

If your Squishmallow has become dirty, spot cleaning it is easy: dip a cloth in lukewarm water with some mild soap and use gentle dabbing strokes on any spots that have come into contact with the soft fabric surface. After finishing up, allow it to air-dry on a flat surface rather than leaving it inside your dryer as heat damage will compromise its texture.

Squishmallows are created using new materials and fillings, including polyester fibers and spandex (Kellytoy). Their manufacture requires no recycled materials - all the foam, polyurethanes, isocyanates, and polyols used are produced using fossil fuels (Science Direct). Their exterior material consists of approximately 85% polyester fibers produced through petroleum isomerization processes while rayon is the remaining source material (Kellytoy).


Plushies are soft toys designed for holding and cuddling, typically constructed of high-quality fabric in animal, people, or inanimate object shapes. Plushies are beloved among children and adults alike and widely adored as sources of entertainment as well as learning tools about cultures, nature, mythological creatures - such as Coelacanth fish - which they may teach them about.

Most stuffed animals and teddy bears can be washed in the washing machine, though it's wise to read their care label beforehand. When washing with mild detergent, bacteria and germs may be removed effectively while fabric softeners should be avoided for best results. Also be wary if using top-loading machines since their agitators could damage toys in this process.

If your plushies need a bath, combine water and laundry detergent in a large bowl or sink and scrub away at any dirt using an old toothbrush. Rinse, dry them off with a towel, then air-dry. If the toy has an adjustable removable hood, make sure it fits securely before tying a knot around its edge to keep from ripping or stretching out of shape; or for added cleanliness use a steam cleaner/garment steamer to kill germs and bacteria.


Squishmallows have quickly become one of the internet's favorite plush toys, thanks to their adorable shape and irresistibly soft texture. However, these plushies can get dirty fast! Luckily, cleaning Squishmallows is straightforward: simply use cool water with mild detergent in a washing machine on delicate cycle for the best results - but be careful with bleach or fabric softener which could damage their unique texture!

Minor stains typically require nothing more than a damp cloth with soap, as dabbing rather than rubbing will help avoid spreading of the stain and protect your Squishmallow's soft fabric. For stubborn spots, consider trying Clorox disinfecting mist; just be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first!

If your Squishmallows are being destroyed in the washing machine, use a mesh laundry bag or an oversized pillowcase to protect them. This will help them from getting snagged or pilling during their cycle and cushions them while staying fluffy. Also add towels as padding. When finished washing them off be sure to hang or lie them flat to dry rather than using high heat in a dryer as this may ruin their delicate textures. If any distortion occurred from washing be sure to reform them with your hands prior to leaving them out to dry

Cleaning in washer

Squishmallows from Kelly Toys are adorable soft plush toys with unique personalities. Each has their own name and backstory. While these toys can be washed regularly without damaging it, too much washing may damage it; therefore only wash when necessary or when stain appear; treat any stain immediately otherwise they become difficult to remove later. For small stains use damp cloth then rinse for easier removal while larger spots require stain remover pens for effective cleaning results.

Alternatively, wrap it in a towel for extra protection and set your washer to cold or warm water cycles for optimal results. Doing this will prevent its colors from fading or shrinking while protecting their shape and size.

Once your Squishmallow has been thoroughly washed and dried, allow it to air dry or tumble dry on a low or delicate heat setting. Be sure to give lots of hugs and squeezes so it returns to its original fluffiness; this may take some time but is definitely worth your efforts for having a fresh-looking Squishmallow buddy!

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