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Technic Titanic Reciprocating Triple Expansion Steam Engine Building Kit, Engine Series Building Blocks Set, Compatible with Lego (6584PCS)

Technic Titanic Reciprocating Triple Expansion Steam Engine Building Kit, Engine Series Building Blocks Set, Compatible with Lego (6584PCS)

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The excess steam from the reciprocating engines is then fed to the steam turbine engines located at the stern, where the vapour passes through a face condenser to increase the efficiency of the turbines, and the steam can be condensed back into the water for reuse. The power generated by these engines is output directly on the propeller drive shafts; there are three propellers, one driven by each engine; the port and starboard flank propellers are the largest, each carrying three manganese-copper alloy blades with a diameter of 7.01 meters. The centre propeller, on the other hand, carried 3 manganese-copper alloy blades (unlike the Olympic, which had 4 blades, and is often confused by many) and was 5.18 meters in diameter, but it could not be reversed. The Titanic was fitted with power generation equipment that produced more electricity in the same amount of time than the average urban power plant of the time. Immediately behind the steam turbine engines were four 400,000 watt steam-driven generators to power the ship, and two 30,000 watt auxiliary generators for emergencies which were located at the stern of the ship and were still running to supply power in the last few minutes before Titanic's sinking

The model is highly detailed, which includes:
Overall Look - every detail, that could be designed with bricks, has been reproduced
Rotating crankshaft with moving pistons, eccentrics and valves (powered by two electric motors)
Working reversing engine (Brown's engine & valve gear)
Working turning engine (manually)
Main piping
Four individually shaped cylinders with detailed covers

  • >Article number: MOC-157380. Authorized and designed by borysf, this model is designed base from the 1/22 scale reciprocating triple expansion steam engine of a classic ship - Titanic.
  • >More than 6584 pieces, compatible with Lego.
  • >Contains professional and detailed QR code PDF assembly instructions.
  • > After-sales service: 24 hours after-sales service will be provided. If you are not satisfied with the item, we support refund or exchange. If parts are missing, we will replace them free of charge.
  • >Recommended from 16+ years.
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