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Technic OHV 5.0LV8 General Motors Engine Building Kit, Engine Series Building Blocks Set, Compatible with Lego (2106PCS)

Technic OHV 5.0LV8 General Motors Engine Building Kit, Engine Series Building Blocks Set, Compatible with Lego (2106PCS)

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Manufacturer: Australia (General Motors)
Production: 1969–2000
Configuration: Naturally aspirated 90° V8
Valvetrain: OHV 2 valves per cyl.
Fuel System: Carburettor、Multi-point fuel injection、Sequential fuel injection
Management: Delco
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Oil system: Wet Sump
Cooling system: Water-cooled

The V8 is a water-cooled, naturally aspirated, 4-stroke gasoline engine with 8 cylinders arranged in a 90-degree V configuration. It features an overhead valve design with two valves per cylinder. The camshaft is located in the center of the engine block above the crankshaft and is driven by a timing chain connected to the camshaft sprocket. Valve actuation is achieved through hydraulic lifters and rocker arms (roller rockers in some models) in the cylinder head. The pushrod angles in the cylinder head are set at 45 degrees to the cylinder centerline. A belt-driven radiator fan and water pump are located at the front of the engine block and are driven by the main pulley, similar to the alternator. The cast iron engine block has an independent stamped-steel, stress-relieved bearing cap assembly, and the crankshaft sits within five main bearing journals, secured by two-bolt main bearing caps; later performance versions utilize four-bolt main bearing caps.
.Achievements: The engine has a successful history in various forms of motorsport, most notably in the Australian Touring Car Championship and the Bathurst 1000 prior to 1995, as well as in Formula 5000 and other racing applications. It has also been used in Australian powerboats with inboard engines, especially for waterskiing boats.

  • Parts Detail: Crafted from eco-friendly ABS material, includes 2106 high-quality smooth parts in precise molding, resulting in a tight and secure fit, sturdy structure for a definitely assembly process.
  • Clear Steps: Equipped with a QR code manual, access the cloud-based assembly guide by scanning it with smartphone. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, allowing for a swift assembly process.
  • Value & Significance: The assembled model creates an excellent display model and background decor, fostering hands-on and cognitive skills development for mechanical engines and building block engine lovers.
  • Notes: With small parts; handle with care. Suitable for ages 8+. If you encounter any issues during assembly, please dont hesitate to contact us promptly.
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