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Pirate Ship Technik Building, Buildingboat Kit Modular Building,Battleship Toy Model Dhips Kits to Build for Adults,66010(3066 Pcs)

Pirate Ship Technik Building, Buildingboat Kit Modular Building,Battleship Toy Model Dhips Kits to Build for Adults,66010(3066 Pcs)

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【Please Note】: This product does not come with any special gift packaging but is delivered in sturdy cardboard and kraft paper wrapping. We hope you consider this when placing your order, and be aware that the product will be sent without any additional gift packaging. Apart from the packaging, there is no difference in quality and content between the two products. Both variants include new, complete building and instructions, ensuring you have an equally excellent experience.

  • 【Attractive Design】: This pirate ship building is extremely eye-catching in design. The main color of the hull is red, highlighting the mighty atmosphere of the buildingboat. The hull size is 87*70 cm, which is large enough to provide users with ample creative space, making it a unique scenery for home decoration.
  • 【Simulated decorative elements】: The hull is covered with simulated telescopic cannon models, sails, poles and other decorative elements, which add a lot of color to the entire ship. These meticulous designs make the building more realistic, and users can fully feel the adventurous atmosphere of the pirate ship during the building process.
  • 【Unique Cabin Design】: The house on the navy ships are very eye-catching, and the three cabins are merged at the same time to create a unique and interesting space. The luxurious and very luxurious chandeliers on the pirate ships add to the overall look and make the interior of the cabin look full of luxury. This design not only makes the building ornamental, but also brings more building fun to users.
  • 【Interactive Design】: The windows in the cabin can be opened, providing you with more interactivity. This design not only increases the simulation of the cabin, but also allows you to flexibly change the status of the cabin after the construction is completed, adding an element of fun and personalization.
  • 【Pirate Flag Embellishment】: There is an eye-catching pirate flag on the top of the ship model kits for adults, which adds a lot of color to the entire building. This small but important detail design makes the model boat kit more recognizable and more in line with the theme of pirate adventure.
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