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Lego Ninjago Set of 3: 71787 Creative Ninja Stone Box, 71782 Coles Earth Dragon EVO & 71700 Lloyds Jungle Predator

Lego Ninjago Set of 3: 71787 Creative Ninja Stone Box, 71782 Coles Earth Dragon EVO & 71700 Lloyds Jungle Predator

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LEGO Ninjago Creative Ninja Stone Box (71787) includes everything ninja fans aged 5 and up need to train their heroes and send them into countless exciting adventures. The building set includes 3 buildings, an obstacle course with 3 interactive training stations, lots of Ninja equipment, a Ninja car and a Ninja motorcycle.
530 pieces for creative models.
The playset also includes 6 fully equipped minifigures: Nya, Kai, Master Wu, a Ninja student, a Ninja student and the skeleton hunter. For the first time, a Ninjago set is set up as a stone box that lets your child build imaginative buildings and vehicles. The stone box is also a great container that speeds up and makes cleaning up easier.

Ninja fans aged 7 and up can let Jay's Thunder Jet EVO (71784) fly over Ninjago City. Upgrading with 2 shooters, golden blades and a golden oar, the super cool jet becomes even bigger and more dangerous.
The best flight adventures for Ninja fans
In addition to the thunder jet, the building set also includes the Jay minifigure, which your child can put in the cockpit to send him on exciting ninja adventures. For even more action, children can also combine the model with the other Ninjago sets from their collection.

This LEGO Ninjago Legacy playset includes the jungle robber (a toy buggy) and Lloyd as a ninja action figure from season 4 of the TV series. Children who like ninja models will enjoy the fun of playing independently, but can also let friends play along.
This building set for children includes a toy buggy with large rubber tyres as well as Lloyd as a Ninja minifigure with a golden sword. Everything is available to let children recreate scenes from the tournament of elements.

  • 71787 Creative Ninja Stone Box
  • 71782 Coles Earth Dragon EVO
  • 71700 Lloyds Jungle Robber
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