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LEGO Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack 2260

LEGO Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack 2260

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Unleash the power of this ancient creature with LEGO's Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack. On a quest to retrieve the Shurikens of Ice, Zane, the Spinjitzu Master of Ice, must fly through the perilous realm of the Underworld. But Krazi, Skeleton of Lightning, is hot on his heels! Complete with bendable wings and live-action spit fire, this 11-inch-long dragon lets ninjas 7 through 14 create a thrilling sky-borne battle of good versus evil. Will Zane be able to find the fabled weapon, or will he freeze under the power of Krazi and the Skeleton Army?

Ice Dragon Attack
At a Glance:

Item #: 2260
Age: 7 to 14 years
Pieces: 158 Zane Ninja of Ice
Weapon of Choice: Shuriken
Element of Color: White
Strength: Stealth
Krazi Skeleton of Lightening
Weapon of Choice: Bone
Element of Color: Blue
Strength: Speed

Push the dragon's jaws to shoot an ice ball at your enemy. View larger.
Features Krazi and Zane minifigures.
View larger. LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Four brave ninjas stand against the evil Lord Garmadon and his Skeleton Army--but those skeletons don't stand a chance. Trained in the ancient martial art of Spinjitzu, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane must find the fabled golden weapons of Ninjago before Garmadon and his soldiers. Fight their enemies, travel through different worlds, and use the power of Spinjitzu to help our heroes battle against the forces of evil.

Includes the Golden Shurikens of Ice.
View larger. Fly to Battle with the Deadly Ice Dragon
The LEGO Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack set takes you and your ninjas deep into new worlds and new adventures. Zane, the Spinjitzu Master of Ice, has a shot at taking back the stolen Shurikens of Ice that Garmadon and his evil Skeleton Army are hiding in the Underworld. The Ice Dragon waits to help, standing 11 inches long and 14 inches wide. With fierce black talons, bright orange claws, and large jaws, this dragon can't wait to gnaw on some bones.

Defeat Your Enemies with Dragon's Icy Breath
The dragon can rotate his neck to take aim and shoot icy balls to freeze Krazi in his tracks. The easy loading system lets you quickly fire again and again if under attack. To boost his fighting power, the ice dragon's legs, tail, and massive wings fold and bend, so he can lie in wait and fly open when the time is right.

What's in the Box
LEGO Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack set with Krazi minifigure, Zane minifigure, Ice Dragon, 2 weapons, and 1 ice ball.

Skull Motorbike Ice Dragon Attack Turbo Shredder Spinjitzu Dojo Garmadon's Dark Fortress

From the Manufacturer

Zane rides the Ice Dragon to the perilous realm of the Underworld to recapture the Shurikens of Ice. Suddenly they spot the skeleton Krazi. Freeze him using the Ice Dragon's frozen breath before he gets away!

  • Shurikens of Ice and black sword weapons included
  • Ice Dragon features spitting ice-ball action, saddle and rotating head
  • Bendable legs and tail; bendable/folding wings
  • 158 elements
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