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LEGO City Corner (7641)

LEGO City Corner (7641)

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There is a lot of activity at the Lego City Corner. The bus is coming, the pizza is baking, and the boy is riding the skateboard of his dreams. With 483 pieces, the Lego City Corner will give your child the chance to construct an entire street corner that includes a three-story pizza parlor, a movable city bus, and a skateboard shop. The Lego City Corner includes many small pieces and is recommended for kids ages five and older.

City Corner

    Ages: 5+

    Pieces: 483 What We Think
    Fun factor:
    Ease of assembly:

    The Good: An ideal first Lego scene for younger children.

    The Challenging: Younger children may need help with following the instructions.

    In a Nutshell: A full Lego scene that portrays a city street corner.

    The Lego City Corner includes pieces for a pizzeria. View larger.

    You'll find many roleplaying options inside: bake pizzas, dine in, or deliver!
    View larger.
    An Ideal Starter Kit for Younger Children
    If your child has graduated from Lego Duplos and is ready to take on a real Lego set, the City Corner could be the place to start. Its modular designs and easy-to-follow instructions makes it relatively easy to build out the set.

    Our advanced nine-year-old tester completed the entire set in about two hours. The set comes with some bigger pieces, making it easier for younger users to build.

    A Complete City Corner
    The City Corner is a real hopping place. At the heart of the corner is a three-story pizzeria with a glassed-in storefront and a pizza maker flipping a pizza. A business man waits for the bus at the bus stop as a boy on a skateboard rides by on his way to the skateboard shop.

    The corner also includes a fire hydrant, street lamp, potted plants and several other accessories that give the street corner real city charm.

    Five Figurines and a Movable Bus
    Included with the set are five figurines -- a bus driver, pizza girl, skater boy, mechanic, and business man -- as well as all the pieces you'll need to construct a big city bus complete with side mirrors, headlights, windshield, and plenty of seats. Once constructed, the bus itself measures over seven inches long.

    What's in the Box
    483 standard Lego pieces that include five figurines (bus driver, pizza girl, skater boy, mechanic, and business man), many accessories, and instructions.

    This Lego set includes 5 figurines and parts for a city bus.

    From the Manufacturer

    Build a corner scene from Lego City. Will the businessman be late for the bus? Will the boy get the skateboard of his dreams? And who gets to enjoy the freshly-baked pizza? It’s all up to you.

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