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Infinite Objects | Steamboat Willie | Classic Digital Video | Handcrafted Digital Art Frame | Home Decor | No Setup | Easy and Simple Office Decor | Modern Moving Art | Large Bamboo

Infinite Objects | Steamboat Willie | Classic Digital Video | Handcrafted Digital Art Frame | Home Decor | No Setup | Easy and Simple Office Decor | Modern Moving Art | Large Bamboo

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Steamboat Willie features Mickey Mouse steer a steamboat down a river. This original animated short film was released in 1928, entering the public domain in 2024 after 95 years. The first short film feature starring Mickey Mouse also debuted synchronized sound alongside the animation, making silent films a thing of the past.

Dimensions: Large Bamboo: 5.8 x 8.4 x 1 inches

What are Infinite Objects?
Infinite Objects are moving posters infinitely looping animations of video artwork. They are next-generation collectibles for the digital world of art, music and more. No setup or configuration needed. When you pick them up, they turn on in your hands (like magic!) and the content begins infinitely looping. The content itself is permanent, just like a framed poster or print - but for moving images. An Infinite Object is a looping video in a permanent display that you can't update. There are no buttons, no connectivity, and no app. Our video prints are displays free from the distractions, barrage of features, and updates that we've come to expect from all of today's screen-based products. Your IO will turn on in your hand. Find a great spot in your home or workspace for your piece to live. Infinite Objects are designed to be always on. A 'perpetually present' piece of decor. Infinite Objects art posters are the perfect airbnb bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office accessory.

  • TOUCH OF STYLE: Add more vibrant and visually stunning artwork to your home decor or office space with our modern acrylic or sustainably sourced bamboo frames.
  • EASY TO SET UP: Open the box and pick it up. Your IO will turn on in your hands. Find the perfect home for your IO and plug it in using the included charger. Enjoy your Video Print.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: No switches, no app, and no configuration. This is not just a gadget, it's a video you can share with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • WE PRINT VIDEO: We believe that video can be appreciated and valued the same way posters, prints, and photographs have been for centuries. Upload and print your own video today!
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