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Architecture 10209 Upside Down Cafe Building Kit, Modular Buildings House Model Set,MOC City Cafe Building Toy Set for Adults(3118 Pcs)

Architecture 10209 Upside Down Cafe Building Kit, Modular Buildings House Model Set,MOC City Cafe Building Toy Set for Adults(3118 Pcs)

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【Please Note】: This product does not come with any special gift packaging but is delivered in sturdy cardboard and kraft paper wrapping. We hope you consider this when placing your order. Apart from the packaging, there is no difference in quality and content between the two products. Both variants include new, complete building and instructions, ensuring you have an equally excellent experience.

  • 【Creative tilt design】: The exterior design of this coffee house modular buildings is unique, with a 45-degree tilt angle, with one end of the roof touching the ground, giving the building a unique visual effect. This unconventional design makes this cafe house stand out among the city house sets blocks.
  • 【Three-layer functional layout】: The coffee house is divided into three floors, each with unique functions. There is an ordering area on the first floor with an exquisite coffee machine; the second floor is a spacious cafe with dining tables, providing a comfortable dining environment; the third floor is the bedroom, equipped with guitars, tables, chairs and other items, creating a Relaxing and pleasant environment.
  • 【Exquisite interior and open-air restaurant】: The interior design of the coffee shop is exquisite, with not only functional furnishings but also eye-catching store signs. The top can be removed, making it easy to observe the interior decoration, providing more fun for exploration. In addition, the exterior walls of the coffee house are surrounded by green plants, adding a sense of nature and comfort and making the coffee house more vibrant.
  • 【Layered design increases interest】: The japan house model adopts a layered design, and each layer can be taken out or observed independently. This not only facilitates operation, but also allows people to have a deeper understanding of the internal structure and layout of the japan building set, stimulating their desire to explore.
  • 【Rich role-playing space】: The multifunctional layout and equipment of the coffee house set architecture provide rich role-playing scenarios. you can play different roles in the coffee house, from order takers to customers, or musicians, allowing them to have fun and inspiration while playing.
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