Why people buy stuffed toys?

Why people buy stuffed toys?

Why do people buy plushies? Especially ones that look like animals that we've seen. 

First let me examine why someone would buy a toy that doesn't even resemble an actual animal. The reason is that they nurture imagination that is so needed specially as kids. 

That is only one reason why people buy stuffed toys. 

The second reason why people buy stuffed toys is to provide warmth, simulating something that only mothers or fathers can give to a child. a sense of care. this occurs because interactions with stuffed toys releases oxytocin - a hormone that is linked to human bonding(even if the party being bonded is not real).

These toys hold sentimental value. when bonded these things act as a close friend. Just like Wilson(the volleyball that Tom Hank talks to) in the movie the "cast away"

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