What Are the Sizes of Squishmallows?

what are the sizes of squishmallows

Squishmallows come in all kinds of sizes - from the perfect backpack clip-ons at 3.5 inches all the way up to 16-inch giant cuddle buddies - there's sure to be one perfect for every situation!

Cute plushies make an adorable way to accessorize any bag or room! Perfect as gifts for friends and loved ones.


Are You A Kawaii Culture Fan Looking For Adorable Plushies? Check Out Squishmallows! These soft creatures make adorable travel buddies or couch co-conspirators - from tiny clip-ons to massive bedtime buddies, there is sure to be one Squishmallow perfect for every situation and occasion.

Squishmallows measuring 3.5 inches are often used as clip-ons or keychains and make great additions to backpacks or bags, not to mention being displayed on desks and shelves for an added splash of color and cuteness!

Squishmallows come in an assortment of colors and characters, making it easy to find one that complements your individuality. For example, art lovers may appreciate Fifi the Red Fox or Piper the Penguin; both characters boast adorable designs with distinct personalities.

Alternatively, medium-sized Squishmallows that stand 8 inches are great companions for cuddling up with. Perfect for calming stress levels and improving posture! Furthermore, these adorable creatures make great incentive to encourage imaginative play and bond with friends. Alternatively, there are large Squishmallows measuring 16 inches that make great huggable companions (they even make excellent pillows!).


Squishmallows come in an assortment of sizes, ranging from tiny clip-on plushies to giant cuddle buddies. Their soft surfaces and cozy embrace make them the ideal companions for all your needs, whether that be cheering you up when feeling down or acting as your movie night pillow companion.

Medium-sized Squishmallows are slightly larger than their smaller counterparts and range in size from 11-13 inches, making them great for cuddling and hugging! Plus they make great companions for children since they don't weigh too much to carry around!

These adorable creatures make for wonderful companions on-the-go or as bedtime buddies at home - plus, they add character to any room decor!

Piper is an artistic penguin who loves painting. Her background story stands out amongst the Squishmallows. Piper is always there with something new for you to see or to cheer you up when things don't seem quite right - she truly is an invaluable member of any squad and you can find her among Zoo, Bright or Valentine Squads!


Squishmallows come in all sorts of sizes, from tiny 3.5-inch clip-ons that you can clip to your keys or bag to huge 24 inch cuddle buddies that can become part of the furniture in your bedroom. These plushies can provide comfort on bad days and help celebrate good ones with you - plus, they make wonderful travel companions or roommates!

New Squishmallows are released regularly, and certain varieties are only available at certain stores or retailers. Leopard Squishmallows are particularly beloved characters - with their adorable green or blue-outlined spots and sparkling inner ears they make a wonderful companion and can be found at Walgreens, CVS, Costco Justice Target Walmart Claires' and more!

Five Below offers some large Squishmallows that make a statement, like Gideon Guacamole (foodie-themed), Liv (cute yellow puppy) and Leonard the Lion from Zoo Bright and Valentine Squads. These big squishy pillows make great room accents or couch buddies during movie night - they may even double up as body pillows to help improve sleep quality - just don't forget to wash them from time to time! Additionally, children love hugging these soft Squishy pals which feature cute faces squishy characters such as Gideon Guacamole!

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