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Nifeliz sets differ from Lego in that they come packaged by step and labeled in plastic baggies for easier organization and construction. Furthermore, their instructions are clear.

The Nifeliz Big Boy train set is inspired by a real Union Pacific locomotive known as "Big Boy", making this set perfect for fans and train enthusiasts.


If you want to give your child the gift of a model car, this GTRS sports model from Lego-compatible bricks may be just what they need. Complete with detailed engine, gear shifting function, and opening doors - it helps develop hand-eye coordination, divergent thinking skills, problem-solving ability and provides them with a sense of achievement when they complete their work! Perfect for any child interested in cars or looking for new hobbies! This makes an excellent present.

Nifeliz, established in 2010, offers sets of clamp bricks similar to Lego but at a much more competitive price and with more selection. Their products include coffee machines and military vehicles among others.

Nifeliz offers some unique model cars as an alternative to Lego's most-beloved creations, like the Sanna GTRR Supercar that is inspired by real-life Senna cars and features a huge wing, lower window on its door and its unique design that is sure to amaze any onlooker.

Nifeliz offers a set based on the Scorpion gunship from "Avatar", making this kit an essential item for fans and gunship enthusiasts. Containing 1099 pieces and featuring intricate details like spiral tail, twin-ducted fan VTOL rotorwing simulation, fighter styling reproduction, etc, the set provides hours of enjoyable building fun accompanied by straightforward instructions that make assembly enjoyable.

Both Lego and Nifeliz offer sets that can be combined together for custom creations, with Lego Technic pieces often offering remote-control functionality as a unique extra feature - however, motors and app development required for such features can cost an arm and a leg so be mindful when considering which manufacturer to purchase from!


Nifeliz train sets make an excellent option for those without Lego trains, containing a train locomotive and several tracks modeled after the Series 4000 Union Pacific "Big Boy" locomotive. Perfect as an addition to any collection or as a gift! Compatible with other Nifeliz sets as well as Lego Technic sets.

Nifeliz is an alternative to Lego(r), offering sets with different themes - some based on popular vehicles while others more unusual - that appeal to adults and children who love building creative projects. Their clamping bricks are compatible with those found in Lego(r) sets as well as offering special technology-related ones.

Nifeliz Scorpion Warplane is another captivating set, perfect for fans of "Avatar". Packed with realistic details that bring the plane to life, such as armor-piercing rockets and laser guided missiles - not forgetting its compatibility with Lego sets! Comprised of 1099 pieces.

Nifeliz has several motorcycle sets in its repertoire, such as the Knuckle Chopper Motorcycle. This incredible piece doesn't represent any particular brand but still boasts stunning detail and detail.

Which company to select between Nifeliz and Lego depends on personal preferences and priorities. Both offer interesting technology sets, with Lego offering more licensed products and remote-controlled sets than Nifeliz. Both manufacturers feature high quality construction; however, Lego stands out with regard to developing innovative motor functions and employing superior materials.


Nifeliz offers a selection of sets for young and adult technology enthusiasts. Compatible with those from Lego(r), these sets use similar clamping bricks designed specifically for technology sets - even exclusive models like a coffee machine can't be found elsewhere! However, Nifeliz's products should not be given to children aged three years or younger as these contain small parts that may pose a choking hazard.

Nifeliz's Technic sets cover an assortment of themes, ranging from classic sports cars and locomotives to locomotives and tanks. Some feature motor functions, making them more realistic than their Lego equivalents - the Nifeliz RI8 race car features an engine, steering wheel and battery-operated remote that lets users control it from any location in the room.

The Nifeliz Leopard II main battle tank set is an exciting military fan's delight, featuring 1747 simple parts to assemble this model of German PzKpfw II Panther Ausf. Perfect for kids or adults to spend their free time.

Nifeliz has created another model based on the Gunship from "Avatar", called the Scorpion warplane. This set contains over 1099 pieces compatible with Lego bricks and makes for an essential collectible item for Avatar fans and gunship enthusiasts. This replica comes equipped with spiral tail, twin-ducted fan VTOL rotorwings, replicated fighter styling and more!

As well as their popular nifeliz technic sets, the company also offers other toys like the Dandelion Showing Photo Frame. Perfect as a birthday present or other occasions such as holidays and special events; it features a stable stand on the back for display purposes and comes with an instruction booklet to guide its use.


Lego and Nifeliz are among the leading building block set brands available, both offering technic sets tailored for young technology enthusiasts while Nifeliz offers unique models such as coffee machines. Both manufacturers provide clamp bricks as well as special technology pieces. Both sets can also be combined seamlessly, though themes vary between manufacturers; Lego offers licensed products as well as remote-controlled sets while Nifeliz offers unique models not found elsewhere.

Nifeliz offers an ideal alternative to Lego's BMW motorcycle in their R125GX motorcycle model, which comprises 2088 pieces for assembly. This impressive replica boasts features like chain drive, H3 engine and display nameplate and is suitable for children or teenagers as an engaging form of creative play or as a gift.

The Nifeliz Leopard II main battle tank makes an excellent MOC set, featuring 1686 easy-installation pieces and featuring multiple opening designs, simulation engine details, 360deg rotating fort turret with adjustable main gun, 360-degree rotating fort turret turret and adjustable main gun features - an ideal gift idea for military fans or collectors.

Nifeliz offers an enjoyable and creative photo frame made up of 581 pieces compatible with Lego, designed based on real flowers and plants and featuring vibrant hues and fun shapes. Furthermore, this set can also accommodate Duplo bricks making it the ideal gift for toddlers!

Nifeliz offers many other exciting models, like the Kawasaki ZERO GPZ 750 R bike set. Ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts and children alike, this set features a rotor drive, suspension and disc brakes; additionally it's simple assembly makes this set great for imaginative play! Plus it makes an excellent addition to any collection!

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