LEGO For Adults Canada - Unplug and Reconnect

Unplug and reconnect with our premium display-worthy LEGO sets designed specifically for adults. From world wonders to movie magic, space exploration to pop culture icons - our grown-up sets offer focused hands-on activities that help kids develop while relieving stress for adults.

This unique typewriter model created by a LEGO fan designer makes the perfect present for writers, LEGO enthusiasts, or those simply interested in retro design. Voted on by LEGO fans themselves.


Typwriters evoke images of bygone eras: novelists writing classic tales on them in their study or screenwriters hunching over keyboards in Hollywood bungalows to complete scripts. This LEGO Ideas model, inspired by Ole Kirk Kristiansen's classic typewriter used during its founding years, features a center typebar that rises when each letter key is pressed, carriage movement when typing, platen roller to feed real paper into and Thomas Kirk Kristiansen (the fourth generation owner family of Lego group), plus printed letter in 43 languages from Thomas himself!

An increasing number of adults are rediscovering or rediscovering the joys of Lego as a hobby, known as Adult Fans of Lego (AFOLs). They come from all walks of life; some even abandoning day jobs to pursue Lego full time - like Mississauga resident Graeme Dymond who built his first set back in 2012 and now sells customized structures to Toronto Dominion Bank and Mazda!

Lego Art Creative Lead Fiorella Groves notes that their adult-targeted sets differ from those designed for children in that their emphasis lies more on displayability rather than playability. She told CBC News it takes two years for Lego Art to develop new sets; much of that time is dedicated to researching ways to best capture the interests of its older audience.

Home Alone

Home Alone is an iconic holiday movie, and now fans of the film can relive all of their favorite scenes with this collectible LEGO Ideas set! Featuring 3,957 pieces that assemble to form the McCallister house with all its traps - such as an iron drop function, basement furnace, swinging paint cans and Kevin's zip line from attic to tree house - fans of Home Alone can relive all their favorite scenes thanks to this collectible LEGO Ideas build! Additionally, its walls and roof open to reveal authentic details while step-by-step instructions come standard for this build!

"LEGO Art Sets offer a tangible creative outlet without being distracting," according to Fiorella Groves, creative lead for LEGO art sets. It provides "an opportunity to reconnect with physical creativity" says Fiorella. Additionally, "it offers mindful activity where users can unplug, recharge and find their niche."

Advanced builders can satisfy their passion for vehicles with LEGO Technic(tm) builds designed to expand their understanding of cars, planes and motorbikes with intricate models featuring real gearboxes and wheels. Furthermore, children aged 6+ can use the free app provided to add movement and sound effects to certain motorized Lego Technic sets so as to completely personalize their build.

Base Plates

The classic white baseplate opens a world of imaginative play - from grassy gardens and exotic jungles, snow-topped mountaintops, and sunny ski slopes - from grassy gardens to exotic jungles, snow-topped mountaintops, and sunny ski slopes. Made to grip bricks securely at any angle (even upside down!), this sturdy more-than-10-in. square plate also serves as an outstanding model display platform.

Hand it over to any LEGO enthusiast and watch their creativity flourish without batteries or complicated instructions needed! This versatile building plate makes an amazing present for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and beyond!

No matter your skill level or level of experience as a builder, this set provides an exceptional creative experience. Unleash your imagination as you assemble life-size models of extraordinary insects; explore vivid blue wings of the Blue Morpho butterfly; capture its strength as an Hercules beetle; or craft an incredible portrait of female Chinese mantis!

Explore a world of premium LEGO sets designed specifically for adults, from space exploration and movie magic to luxury cars and architectural marvels. Specifically curated to appeal to adults, these sets can provide creative renewal while offering a zone of tranquility.

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